Alveria Srl adopts and disseminates to every level of its organisation the following Environmental Policy, which represents the explicit declaration of the intentions and principles that the Management intends to adopt, consistent with the activity carried out and the characteristics of the organisation, in terms of overall environmental performance.

This document has been drawn up in accordance with the dictates of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2018 standard and in compliance with the company's other policies, including the Quality policy.


Therefore, the organisation has prepared and applies an environmental management programme, in relation to both the reference standard and current legislation, in order to identify, prevent and, if necessary, eliminate sources of pollution resulting from the company's activities and from potential and/or accidental work accidents caused by both employees and external resources to which the company outsources work.

Management also undertakes to make this Environmental Policy available to interested parties, as well as to raise the awareness of internal staff in order to consolidate increasingly environmentally aware behaviour.


With this in mind, continuous monitoring is carried out to verify the actual and/or potential impact on the surrounding environment. This will lead to the creation of a system of actions for continuous improvement, through the search for technological and economically innovative solutions, especially considering the past experiences of similar companies operating in the same sector.

As a function of its activity, Alveria defines its environmental objectives and targets focusing on the following types of impact in order to monitor, quantify and minimise its environmental impact over time:

  • emissions into the atmosphere;
  • consumption of resources.
  • Management, in order to ensure that the Environmental Policy is implemented and sustained correctly and on time, provides for the adoption of procedures and operating instructions aimed at
  • implement and certify its own Environmental Management System;
  • disseminate the correct use of water and energy supplies at all organisational levels;
  • disseminate and share resource-efficient 'remote' solutions with their customers and prospects
  • communicate to all employees the correct use of safety equipment and devices as well as the practices and behaviour to be adopted both normally and in the event of an environmental emergency;
  • provide objective documentation proving compliance with current legislation on environmental compliance and the protection of the health of workers and the community, so as to drastically reduce risks to people and the nvironment;
  • reviewing the entire set of company operational processes in the event of technological changes and/or structural adaptations of the site.

The Management also undertakes to disseminate its environmental policy to suppliers, customers and public control bodies by means of appropriate documentation.

Awareness-raising and information of internal staff is implemented through appropriate training/information programmes and the dissemination of information material.


From a legislative point of view, Alveria s.r.l. prepares appropriate documentation, to which it will attach the certificates and authorisations required by law for the performance of its activities.

The company's objectives are, however, closely linked to the following conditions:

  • technical-economic feasibility;
  • technological variations;
  • design of new services
  • process modifications;
  • legislative changes


The Legal Representative as at 31 December 2020